Sterling Silver Flatware Value Guide

The following is a price guide for sterling silver flatware patterns.


Please see the sterling silver pattern images to find your pattern’s rating A, B, or C.


Pattern ratings are as follows:

  • A = Highly Collected
  • B = Moderately Collected
  • C = Scarcely Collected


If your pattern has an “A” rating, for example, you would use the value ranges under the A column as a guide. [p]


Type of Piece A B C
Value Guide for Sterling Silver Flatware Patterns
Dinner Knife
Grille/Viande Knife
Individual Butter Knife
Master Butter Knife
Luncheon/Place Knife
Dinner Fork
Grille/Viande Fork
Salad Fork
Oval/Place Spoon
Round Soup Spoon
Bouillon Spoon
Five O’Clock Spoon
Demitasse Spoon
Iced Tea Spoon
Sugar Spoon
Gravy Ladle
Cold Meat Fork
Berry/Casserole Spoon
Tomato Server
Soup Ladle (Large)
Oyster Soup Ladle (Medium)
Pie Server
Cake Server
Jelly Server
Jelly Cake Server
Oyster Fork