How to Detect Modified Sterling and Silverplate Flatware

Warwick Spoon
Warwick Spoon.


Specialized in antique silver and replacement flatware since 1999.

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4 Responses

  1. Tracey says:

    I have a bag of silverware, probably 40 pieces. The back of them read 184-7 RogersBros. The “IS” is separate stamp, and then it has “Springtime”(this is the collection I am assuming) engraved on the end of it. I do not know anything about this but would like to know more about the company and also whether these are plated or sterling. I know the IS means International Silver or so I read, but I am new to this. All pieces are from a set but I am sure there isnt a whole set here. If you could help me with this or provide a link to figure this out it would be appreciated.

  2. Anna Anderson says:

    I am trying to find a site about old jewelry. I have a few old ladies broaches/pins with beautiful deep blue saphire colored glass as well as one with pearls and an old “Indian type silver bone shaped silver necklace with what appears to be turquoise all in this necklace and was just wondering what they were worth. Where can I find a web site to look for these at?

    • KSullivan says:

      Hi Anna, first check the pieces over carefully for any maker’s marks or hallmarks to help you with identifying the manufacturer and metal content. If there are any marks, they would be tiny and in an inconspicuous place. You can check your local library or book store for books on vintage jewelry. Additionally, here is a good place to start to learn about vintage jewelry

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