Is it Patina or Tarnish?

Antique Fish Server with Patina
Fish Server with Patina.


Specialized in antique silver and replacement flatware since 1999.

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2 Responses

  1. Nancy Hollingsworth says:

    Want to find the value or if a collectible piece. As we found in back of silverware this spoon. Which we’ve found to be Berkshire from 1897. On back it has 1847 ROGERS BROS.A1 and looks to be. 0 or just O. Have found in some places it’s called fancy spoon, sugar shell spoon. Vintage silver “Berkshire” pattern sugar shell spoon. Silver plate. Can you tell me anything about this spoon. My uncle says he don’t know where it came from or where grandma and grandpa could of gotten it.

    • KSullivan says:

      Hi Nancy, Berkshire is a silver plate pattern introduced in 1897 by 1847 Rogers Bros/International Silver Co. It was one of its most popular patterns and in production for several years. Berkshire was a full line of flatware with many pieces, and was typically sold in jewelry stores. The value depends on the condition of the piece. A sugar shell in excellent condition with no plate wear or damage is not very valuable – a few dollars.

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